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theMakers is the place to visit in Cairns when planning, designing and making things.

A Makerplace, Maker Space, a Hacker space, a Fab Lab, a Technology Incubator, a Workshop, a People’s Shed. Lots of names, but at the core, it’s a collection of different workshops and tools rooms with serious equipment in one place, specifically for casual, low cost public use. Cairns deserves a great one. In the community, they act as casual schools, skill builders, job creators and mainly, a physical forum for social activities centred on creating and making real things.

Many places are exclusive, and inaccessible, with restricted hours. Some are commercial, others more marketing for a school, college or university, less practical. These places can work well if you are a student, or if they are open when you feel inspired and motivated.

Our place aims higher. Any age, with supervision, any gender, any belief, any culture, any time.

We are a registered Australian not-for-profit, led and supported by volunteers.

Each week we meet and welcome all visitors, on THURSDAY from 5:30PM to 10:00 PM. Let us know if you might drop by and we’ll guide you to the correct room, otherwise, find Y block on the big TAFE maps onsite, and you’ll find us easily.

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We are located in Y block, at TAFE Queensland, Cairns Campus. We have moved in and set up - but can always do with more help. Contact us if you have some ideas!

Each week we have new visitors and members, however our core organisation is a small group of dedicated volunteers. This is a shout out to them – Thanks! And a shout to interested people who like what we do: You can choose to just use our equipment, or you can help us build a better place where together we can offer better services and equipment to all in the Cairns region. Let us know either way, and we will be accomodating. Take care and enjoy!

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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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