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What are we? is a Not-For-Profit Maker Space that strives to give the community access to cutting edge technology, resources and know-how. If you don't have the space, equipment, or knowledge to realise your dreams or complete a project, perhaps we can help. **Every Thursday evening we open our doors to the public** and welcome anyone and everyone to join us. Come see what all the fuss is about.

Great community, great resources

We pride ourselves on our great community, it's our biggest asset! That’s why we’re always open to meeting more people to share what we have built with. Come see what all the fuss is about.

CNC Router
Resin based SLA 3D Printer
Giant butterflies manufactured with a combination of laser cutter and 3D printer.
Having given up on finding a community of makers in Cairns I was surprised in the best way ever once I came across Instantly I knew I was home!
Kurt Schoenhoff
I didn't know what a makerspace was, a friend recommended them and I am so glad they did. I am so regularly at open nights I don't know what else I would do on a Thursday evening. :)
Someone Else

How can I get Involved?

Whether you just would like to pop in from time to time, have a project to complete, or are a 9-5 maker. We can suit you. Access outside of open nights and special events requires a small fee to help us keep the doors open...

Open Nights (Thurs).
Open Nights
Special events that are open to the public
Free access outside of open nights
Free access to most equipment(currently all)
Ability to store some items onsite
Ability to create a "Maker Bio" on the website.
Whatever you need
All subscriber capabilities
Be a registered member of the association
Run workshops from the premisis
More attractive

What we offer is Cairns only dedicated makerspace, we have a range of advanced manufacturing equipment available for use, such as Laser cutters, CNC machines, specialised 3D printers, etc.

'Every Thursday "Open Night" - come along and get a tour of the facilities and meet some of our local makers. Starts at 5:30pm and goes until late. Feel free to bring a project as this is a hands on event. '

We can offer training in how to prepare digital files for use on this equipment and can get you started using them is a safe and practical way, whether you are an engineer or an artist we can get you up and running.

The heart of the makerspace is the people, the skills, experience and willingness to share is what our community is all about. Whether you want to learn something new or are looking for some local expertise to help complete a project we can help.

If you are looking to bring a new idea or product to market we have a range of equipment and skills that can get you across the line. Some of the services available include app/website building, electronics design and manufacture, product design and prototyping.

3D Printer

One of the most recognised form of advanced manufacturing is the humble 3D printer. We have a variety of printers that are capable of printing build sizes in excess of 340mm x 340mm x as long as you want (Blackbelt 3D) Or if resolution is your thing our Peopoly laser SLA (resin) 3D printer is capable of as little as 5 micron layer heights is a build volume of 130mm x 130mm x 180mm. We also have some real experts in the area who can help you.

AI and Machine Learning

We have some powerful machines with some of the latest hardware dedicated to the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. If you have a project or would simply like to chat with people in the field, drop in for a cuppa!

Be Creative

We are not just all tech nerds here! Many of our members are exploring their creative sides and find the workspace and availability of tools and expertise complimentary to creating. Some simply come for the room to work, others enjoy the cross pollination of ideas, technology and experience.

CNC Router / Mill

We have a 2.2Kw (spindle) CNC 2.5D mill (router) table that is capable of soft materials such as wood, plastics, etc all the way to aluminium and some of the softer grades of steel. The table fits a 1/4 standard sheet of plywood, with the ability to process longer materials in a partitioned manner.


Community is at the heart of what we do, whether it is advice, experience, or just conversations with like minded individuals, a sense of community is key. Here at we pride ourselves on how keen we are to share and ensure the sum of our parts is far greater than the sum of the individual qualities.


We have a variety of members that really enjoy this form of artistic expression and creativity so we decided to mention it explicitly. Whether a seasoned artist or a novice creator we are sure you will find someone or something here that will help you create.


Multiple soldering Irons, SMD rework hot air gun, Oscilloscopes, the list goes on... We really love electronics, if your into Arduino, Raspberry Pi's, sensors you will certainly love the facilities and talent we have. We can even help you develop circuit boards and even manufacture prototypes onsite, or provide this as a service.

Hand Tools

No makerspace would be complete without a variety of hand tools to compliment the more advanced manufacturing equipment. Including screwdrivers, socket sets, pliers, hammers, chisels, levels, rulers, saws, etc. Covering working with metal, plastics, and timber


Everybody loves to talk about IoT but what is it really? We have a few makers that have worked in the field and have a strong understanding of the current state of the art. Well versed with LPWAN technologies all the way to displaying the data and gaining insight from it. We also host a "Things network" LORAWAN access point and fully support community driven as well as private/commercial projects.

Laser Cutter

We love our laser cutter! Such a versatile and quick method of custom manufacturing. Our laser cutter is capable of approx 1500 x 900 cutting area. We also have attachments for working with cylindrical / rotational cutting and etching. most natural materials, plastics and fabrics are able to be processed, come have a chat to us if you have something in mind and we can help select materials etc, to ensure you get the product you want!


Our metal lathe / mill combo is a pretty versatile machine that allows a manual processing of metals and plastics. We have a reasonably small but capable set of tools and accessories that make this the go-to tool form many types of material processing.


When working with electronics or anything electrical the Oscilloscope is what really shows you what is going on. Most electronics give us little visual cues as to what is taking place in a circuit, this invaluable tool is great for diagnosing electronic faults and learning more about what is actually happening in circuit. We have both a CRO and a DSO available for use.

Power Tools

Drills, routers, saws, grinders, sanders, polishers, etc,. the list goes on and on... We have onsite a fairly comprehensive range of powered tools that make working with most materials a breeze. There is always a "right" tool for the job, so don,t let your project suffer needlessly let you skills shine. We also love to help people who are a little less confident but looking to learn.


We are firm believers of a recycling / reusing mindset and enjoy rebelling against the idea of a throw away society. We are currently working on a number of plastic recycling and processing ideas and projects and are actively looking for more people to help in this area.


All hail our robotic overlords! Long live the robots! We do not fear a robot uprising, in fact we love the potential that this areas has instore for our future. Come create and learn in this exciting field and help create a better future for yourself and human kind, whilst having a great time doing it.


We have some industrial sewing machines and overlockers that are great for all sorts of work including canvas and leather. Large areas to lay out material, why not even try using the Laser cutter to cut out your pattern or a 3D printer to add some embellishments. Don't hold back your creativity and make something beautiful today!

Soldering / PCB manufacture

From simple soldering some wires together, to SMD pcb work we have a variety of tools that make this process much more simple and give your project a professional look. We also have many years experience creating circuit boards and working with custom electronics. Our in house capabilities can create SMD boards with a solder mask perfect for prototypes and one offs.

Vinyl Cutter / Plotter

Why not put a sticker on it! We have a vinyl cutter capable of 600mm wide rolls that loves being used. We have used this machine with great success to pimp up our space ( you can't miss it!). If you are looking to make a sign for your business, garage sale or even you car we have the know how and the tech! Also great for creating decals in the shower or on a feature wall.


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