Kurt Schoenhoff

Eat, Sleep, Make, Repeat!

Who am I?

Does anyone ever really know the answer to this question?

What do I do?

Hack the world! Not content with anything in the word, I choose to hack it for the better!


Laser cut "GO" board

Laser cut Go Board This was a project for a friend, the board is cut from 3mm acrylic and has been spray painted black, an additional 3mm MDF sheet was glued to this for extra support. Board pieces were cut from 3mm MDF and a pattern etched on one side. top if acrylic was vector etched and then white acrylic paint was rubbed into the etch. bottom of acrylic was etched before painting black, if you look closely you can see a dragon in the center of the board.

Machine learning Rig

Motherboard with dual cpu and a RTX2070 GPU

As I will be spending this year (end more) getting down and dirty with Deep Neural Networks, I decided that I would build a ML rig (hosted at theMakers) together for myself and others to use.

This unit has found itself a home in an old case and I am currently thinking of a design for the acrylic cover...