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Here lies a collection of news about the makerspace and making in general. If you think we are missinmg something from our news please let us know. :)

Open Night 14/02/19 - Arduinos, RPis, and Jackfruit.February 14, 2019

3D Printed RPI case! Here one of our young makers is proudly presenting his Raspberry Pi in a brand new 3D printed case / base printed this evening with glow in the dark PLA filament! whilst the case was printing he was working on setting a fresh install of Raspbian and using a webcam inside Scratch. Arduino 8x8 LED matrix. Not content with just a Raspberry Pi this powerhouse is also sharpening…

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Open Night 7/2/2019February 09, 2019

Another Thursday another open night at theMakers. We had some laser cutting and some vacuum forming fun, not to mention the farmers were back working on coding their custom AgTech solutions. Sharks & Lasers. As usual we were treated to some of Dominos finest. Most of the night was spent experimenting with the vacuum former trying different types of plastic and heating times. - Matthew Munsel.

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Open Night 2/1/2019 - Sparking Joy - AgTech - Workshop redesignFebruary 09, 2019

We were all delighted by the changes made to the workshop layout by master makers Matt Munsell and Evie Wort, this area is Sparking Joy. This evening saw a surprising amount of visitors considering the torrential rain. Everyone was delighted to see a couple of maker pro farmers from the tablelands, who focused on their custom AgTech solutions. We had a couple of new visitors who were happy to…

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Open Night 24/01/2019 - Laser Cut table top decorations and CNC milling a PCBJanuary 25, 2019

Laser cut table decorations: Some freshly cut table decorations being painted gold for their debut this weekend. CNC milling a PCB: Using an isolation routing technique to create a prototype circuit board on the CNC router. Board layout was created in Eagle and milled using chillipeppr as the gcode generator and sender. A very quick way to have a circuit board ready to test in a matter of hours…

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A beginners’ tour of theMakers.orgJanuary 04, 2019

We will just take a quick look at all the maker space, and hopefully answer a couple of the questions you might have. What is a "maker space" Due to the many different spaces out there it can sometimes be a little hard to pin down what a maker space is, so it is probably best to explain a little about our (your) maker space. Quite simply it is a resource for the community, we provide a space in…

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Shiny new website!January 01, 2019

With the last website just being a placeholder (and it was holding place for a long time...), we are super stoked to be delivering a brand new website with the new year! What doe this mean to me? Blog / News Well instead of just being a landing page we now have a news / blog section (which you obviously know about...), in this section we will endeavour to keep you up to date with what is happening…

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