Shiny new website! has received a new website - very shiny indeed! logo

With the last website just being a placeholder (and it was holding place for a long time...), we are super stoked to be delivering a brand new website with the new year!

What doe this mean to me?

Blog / News

Well instead of just being a landing page we now have a news / blog section (which you obviously know about...), in this section we will endeavour to keep you up to date with what is happening in the maker space and beyond. As this can get a little repetitive and most of us a fairly time poor, we welcome contributions from you!

Maker Bios

Similar to an artist or musician bio we now have a place for you to show off your creations and tell us a little about yourself. Its super simple to get one, all you need is your name, a tagline, an image, and a quick paragraph. Ask one of our committee members or email to take the next step. Just remember this is just the minimum for a bio, feel free to pop up a few pics and a couple of paragraphs for each project, its really simple to use free!


Apart from our weekly open night (every Thursday from 5:30 pm) will be hosting and / or involved in a number of events throughout the region,. check this page often to stay up-to date.


  • lightning talks
  • workshops
  • professional development
  • special / guest speakers
  • more...