Open Night 24/01/2019 - Laser Cut table top decorations and CNC milling a PCB

Another great open night at theMakers in Cairns. Lots of laser cutting, milling, and getting some raspberry Pi's up and running.

Laser cut table decorations:

Laser Cut table decorations being painted.

Some freshly cut table decorations being painted gold for their debut this weekend.

CNC milling a PCB:

CNC milled circuit board, being fabricated at themakers, Cairns.

Using an isolation routing technique to create a prototype circuit board on the CNC router. Board layout was created in Eagle and milled using chillipeppr as the gcode generator and sender. A very quick way to have a circuit board ready to test in a matter of hours, great for performing prefabrication tests as well as usability tests quickly and cheaply.

Raspberry Pi

Also had a few people setting up raspberry Pi's, some for the first time. One was just a straight Raspbian install. Another was a Raspbian along with MQTT and Homeassistant. Really love helping people getting these things up and running. :)

Written by Kurt Schoenhoff