Open Night 2/1/2019 - Sparking Joy - AgTech - Workshop redesign

Open Night at theMakers. Workshop redesign, Pro Farming, IoT, Creative Laser cutting, Pizza!

We were all delighted by the changes made to the workshop layout by master makers Matt Munsell and Evie Wort, this area is Sparking Joy.

This evening saw a surprising amount of visitors considering the torrential rain.

Everyone was delighted to see a couple of maker pro farmers from the tablelands, who focused on their custom AgTech solutions.

We had a couple of new visitors who were happy to just observe makers in action and explore the resources.

A couple of creative designers were busy testing their ideas on the laser cutter, and also experimenting with various materials for their products.

Several regulars assisted others with their projects, and educated others about important technology concepts such as IoT, and cloud computing. A couple of makers were happy just playing computer and console games, and enjoying the creative talk.

As usual, everyone's hunger was treated with a fine selection of half a dozen pizzas and garlic bread.

Workshop now layout.

- Matthew Ritchie.