Open Night 14/02/19 - Arduinos, RPis, and Jackfruit.

Weekly Thursday Open Night, This evening we had one of our younger attendee's spinning up a fresh Raspbian install and performing some Arduino programming. One of our subscribers (Kevin) was kind enough to bring in some Jack Fruit and Mangosteens to help fuel the evening, YUM!

3D Printed RPI case!

a young maker proudly presents his 3d printed raspberry pi case.

Here one of our young makers is proudly presenting his Raspberry Pi in a brand new 3D printed case / base printed this evening with glow in the dark PLA filament! whilst the case was printing he was working on setting a fresh install of Raspbian and using a webcam inside Scratch.

Arduino 8x8 LED matrix.

Programming an 8x8 LED Matrix with Arduino by a young maker.

Not content with just a Raspberry Pi this powerhouse is also sharpening his Arduino programming and animation skills. This Arduino shield has an 8x8 LED matrix as well as some micro switches for control.

Birds nest! (or the adventures or the multiplexed LED clock)

Arduino powered LED clock multiplexer proto-typed on breadboard that looks like a bids nest.

Here we have the native roosting ground of the Chronos Makerseri (Matt M) if you look carefully you can see the strips of eggs ready to burst forward with their luminosity. In the coming weeks we will keep you updated with the status of the hatchlings...

- Kurt Schoenhoff