Weekend Working bee

Working bee and a change to work on some projects. Laser cutter maintenance, workshop cleanup, organize tasks. Projects worked on include LED clock, filament extruder, score board and some also some deep neural networks for good measure...

Extractor fans for the laser cutter

As you can see below, it is no wonder we were having some difficulty with smoke and fumes when laser cutting. A clean was well overdue. Thanks to Matt Munsel and Kurt Schoenhoff the fans are back to 100% and as a bonus we now have a quieter workshop...

Clogged extractor fan internals covered in carbon ant tar.

LED Clock

Matt working on a LED clock printed circuit board design in KiCad and a picture of the large clock.

Not afraid of large projects Matt Munsell is working on the design of a larger than life LED clock. The circuit uses 595s (shift registers) to drive some transistors (possibly changing to a darlington driver array) which switch the LEDS.

Filament Extruder Hot End

Filament extruder hot end turned from solid aluminium billet.

having been mothballed for a little while, the filament extruder sees some more love as Kurt Schoenhoff spends some time manufacturing a hot end from some solid aluminium bar. The hot end has a 300w heater as well as a pt100 temperature sensor and will have PID control over the molten plastic to be extruded. The hot end will be wrapped in fibre glass insulation for efficiency and safety.