Open Night - 21/2/2019 - Brass etching and laser cutting!

Open Night, brass etching via electrolysis, laser cut "Living hinges", 3D printing Woah what a busy night!

The evening was warm at another night at the Makers. Frigid air circulated the work room, the air conditioning bringing the temperature down to a degree that was almost too much for the tropical residence.

Busy workshop in Artic conditions

hanging out in the workshop in front of a Laser cut Eiffel tower.

The turn out was more than what you see here. There was a lot of activity going on!

Here, you can see the templates that I (Evie) have been working on. The grooves in the rectangular shapes become what is called a living-hinge, allowing the MDF to fold over without snapping. These particular models unfortunately did not come out the right size for a reason that still remains a mystery. Pretty happy with how they're shaping up otherwise though!

Laser cut 'Living hinge

Neil continues to print out his geographical art recreations – Looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing all of it come together.

3D printing on the Blackbelt 3D printer using black PLA filament

The Makers logo gets some attention as Matt M trials out some metal etching via electrolysis (salt solution) . Pretty cool stuff.

Brass sheet with electrically etched logo.