Open Night - 21/3/19

Another fantastic open night with pizza, laser cut artwork and 3D printing prosthetics!

Pizza for the Punters

It was a quieter night than usual, as you can tell by the smaller array of pizzas. Though no less productive!

Pizza on the workbench

Laser Cut Artwork

Neil had his clear acrylic piece engraved and had placed white paint in the recess and wiped the excess off while it was drying to leave the colour behind. Quite a nifty idea. img 20190321 195335

3D Printed prosthetics

A long time interest of a few of our makers and good timing have coincided tonight, I had a medical professional contact us regarding using 3d printed prosthetics. This base model were from an open source project that popped up in our radar quite a while ago. It was great to be contacted by a local person working in the field and be able to team up and have a go at this project. For our first test we printed some prosthetic finger joints(blue). Secondly we printed the cover in a flexible filament for a more natural feel and grip(pink). We think they turned out rather well for a first test print! img 20190321 195351

Prosthetic 3D Printed finger parts.

Laser cut "Living hinge"

Evie was using the laser for cutting boxes again. The hinge on this was was a little thin, so it doesn't close as nicely as it should. Also, don't forget to double check your files, the skull symbol was meant for engraving only but somehow got tangled in the cut options too! (Oops) img 20190321 202612