Open Night 2/05/2019 - Explorations with 3D printing, Laser Man, starship enterprise, pixel LED bike helmet, metal turning with a pro..

Lots happening tonight. Turning a shaft on the lathe, experimentation in object orientation on one of the FDM 3D printers, construction of the start ship enterprise, and more ultra-fine 3D printing with the SLA printer.

Explorations with 3D printing

experiments with different geometries for small 3D prints

By testing how different orientations effects the end result, the designer can improve and gain a better understanding of the process.

Metal turning with a pro

Turning a shaft on the metal lathe.

We love it when people take the time to pass on their knowledge to others, here we have a prime example of open night attendees organically passing on their skills to anyone with an interest. This is the true maker spirit and we applaud those that live by it. :)

Laser Man at it again!

collage of SLA printed artwork, the software used to slice it, laser man with his deadly glasses and the end product basking in UV radiation.

Laser Man strikes again! not happy just blasting his creations into MDF and plywood, Laser Man gives the SLA printer a workout printing an ultra-fine pendant of his own creation.

Star Ship Enterprise construction

Construction of a laser cut start ship enterprise from MDF.

Here we have a subscriber working on his starship that has been cut from 3mm MDF. Looks like it is coming along well. :)

Pixel LED helmet

Pixel LED illuminated spikes on a bike helmet

Here we have a quick fun piece done by Kurt. It uses sculpted silicone spikes put onto pixel LED tape controlled by an ESP8266 and powered from a single 18650 battery, run time was about 3 hours.