Open Night 30/05/2019 - Hacking LED Display, Sand walker assembly.

Hacking some old segmented LED displays(ex currency display) for the tropical steampunk exhibits at Eco Fiesta. Construction of an open source sand walker inspired by the "Strand Beest" by Theo Jansen.

Well it started off as a quiet night.... However that was short lived and the night was another awesome one!

A quick drop in by Clinton Freeman a fellow maker and artist who visits a little less often than he used to after moving up the hill. Always great to see your smiling face.

Clinton Freeman poses with laser cutter

Tropical Steampunk LED and control hacking

Kurt has been busy hacking away at a recycled LED display, apparently from a decommissioned currency exchange display system. This relic from the past will be transported through time as it becomes a part of the tropical steam punk time machine. Featuring this Sunday at Enviro Fiesta. It will also be on show with some tweaks later in the year at the Tropical Steam Punk gig.

Tropical Steampunk Time Machine using recycled materials.

For technical details on the LEDS (de-multiplexing and addressing) and code just contact Kurt.

Sand Walker

Some of our makers have been collaborating on a wind powered sand walker (Strand Beest inspired) Kinetic "Creature". It may not look like much currently however it should be quite impressive!

Sand Walker construction