Open Night - 25/7/2019 - Smoke, dust and design.

Another great open night, Storm troopers being sanded, intricate shell carving, camper design and construction, and hacking a Makerbot board to control a smoke machine.

Open night activities - Storm trooper sanding, shell carving, smoke machine hacking, camper design.

Creative Shell Carving

Oyster Shell Carving

Some fine work by one of our newer makers, intricate oyster shell carvings, the above image really does not do these items justice, they are really a thing of beauty. :)

Storm Trooper cont...

Storm Trooper helmet being sanded

Those who follow along will know this has been a labour of love, many hours have gone onto this replica and it is awesome to see this project progressing. Not long now!

Camper renovations

Camper renovation design on pc and whiteboard.

Great to see people using the facilities for all sorts of projects, here we see a subscriber using old and new design methods for a camper renovation.

Smoke! - intentionally...

Smoke machine components being proto-typed for an art installation.

Another Tropical Steam Punk addition. Here we have Kurt working on using a Makerbot control board to operate some smoke machine components to be part of an installation art piece for the event.