Free! - Arduino IoT and wearables workshop

This is a FREE workshop to get people started with using cheap electronics as a platform for science, art, fashion and hacking the world we live in. FREE electronics kit to take home for participants! 100% #NotJustForNerds

How To register?


Limited spots available - Don't miss out!

Why do this workshop?

This workshop is for those who might be interested in gaining a better understanding of how to use technology to augment their worlds.

Great for "first timers" or those that may have felt daunted by technology, this work shop gives hands on experience and confidence in using technology in your own way.

Not limited to IT professionals or bedroom hackers this is embedded electronics democratised for all! In the few short hours we have you will gain actual experience in connecting and programming cheap electronics to create a wearable light show, measure temperature and display it back on a screen, as well as connecting these devices to wifi!

Full Kit including ESP8266, i2c LCD, Pixel Leds, breadboard, Temp sensor.

What will I be working with?

A Laptop (BYO), some electronics and your brain!

The electronics

Programming environment = Arduino

Microcontroller(the brain) = ESP8266

flashy stuff = Pixel LEDS(WS2812b)

Display = 128x64 OLED (yellow/blue) i2c

Temperature sensor = DH122 temperature and humidity.

Closeups of the components

When and Where

5:30 PM - May 13 (Monday) 2019 workshop - Y-102 Cairns TAFE