The new website for Makaz Place is active! It won’t take long before our team makes it appear professional, but for now it is functional and working for signups. We encourage you to click Join Us in the menu above and register.

What is Makaz Place?

On 13th November Matthew Ritchie shared his vision for a place that was like a men’s shed, but open to any gender. He proposed a place that was like a school, but that was focused on making things, not only teaching things. A place that was secure, safe and cool for all ages – from young to old.

He wrote: Short Classes. New Skills. New Technology.

His statement rings true: “Why buy anything worth using when you can share?”

Matthew wanted to allow people to use 3d printers, and laser cutters to make their own projects, rather than to just buy the equipment for himself alone. His goal is to make that happen.

A group of 6 other people recognised his proposal as a vision for the region. And, immediately joined as founding members. Together these 7 people, and their mentors and supporters, will work towards realising this vision.

We again encourage you to join us. Become a founding member. It is $25 a month, and shows your strong commitment towards jobs, innovation and high technology in the tropics of Far North Queensland.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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